I recently received a client testimonial that described me as a secret weapon.

Originally, I found this amusing but then realised that actually, this is a great way to explain what I do. Indeed, providing the support that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to get on with serving clients and developing new business (ie making more money) is exactly what I do. Whether this is managing operational processes on a day to day basis, keeping databases up to date, monitoring an inbox, posting on social media, all of these tasks are the very things that entrepreneurs get bogged down with, keep them away from more cash-rich tasks or just give up on as they don’t have the time.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are realising the value of having that secret weapon. Someone to watch their back, clear up the to-do list and lighten the load. And get the entrepreneur back to their ‘Why’ – the reason they started this in the first place (You’ve all seen the video right?)

And the beauty of this is my ‘why’. I love to help people, I really finish the day in a good place by knowing that I made a difference. Not only for my clients but for the difference that they have made on their clients too. There’s a whole long line of feel-good that radiates out to many, many people.

I particularly excel in ongoing support to clients keeping their operational side working smoothly – I can offer ongoing project or case management support including inbox monitoring, database updates, and working internally with virtual teams.

In addition, I can offer support for one-off tasks or project as well as general administrative support, such as invoicing and credit control. If you think that a secret weapon might be something that would be of benefit to your business, let’s have a chat.

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