Social media often seems like a mystic art (particularly the algorithms).

The key to social media is to remember that it is just that – social. There is an element of time needed to invest in the social side, but the returns can be well worth it. The more you post and interact with others, the more coverage your own posts will get. This consistency will keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

There are a few ways to maximise your success on social media:

Accurate and ethical shares

Don’t just share for the sake of sharing, ensure that you are sharing content that is relevant and engaging for your audience. Is the content accurate and from a reputable source? Does the content add value to your page/profile and show that you’re knowledgable in your field?

Brand consistency

Consistency across all social media platforms will ensure that your brand is identifiable to potential clients. Make sure that your posts are recognisable as coming from your brand.

What you write about

Make sure that your posts are true to your brand in both content and voice. Are you coming across on your social media pages as an expert in your field? The aim is to position yourself as the go-to person.

What people see

Make sure that some of your personality shines through in your social media posts – people buy from people, after all. After networking events, make sure you follow up on face to face meetings with connections on social media as well.

Posting Schedule

By posting at a regular time, your audience will know what to expect and maybe look forward to your posts. Consistent posting will also increase your organic posts. Don’t forget that a lack of regularity could be perceived as lack of content/knowledge. I wrote a whole article about the impact of irregular posting.

Ratio of content: selling

Sometimes, a lack of posting leads to random ‘panic’ posts whenever you remember/have a chance to post. Random posting has no strategy and often results in more ‘salesy’ posts than ones which add value. Stick to the 80/20 rule and plan 80% non-sales posts.

Perception of your business

Whether it’s the regularity of the posts or the value they add, everything you post on social media will give potential clients a particular perception of your business. I go into this in more detail in this blog post.

There are downsides to breaks in your social media posts – potential clients who visit your profile during a ‘break’ (particularly a long one) won’t know you’re on a break, or whether you have in fact gone out of business. The impression that your neglected profile will give to potential clients is not a good one.

My 5 Steps to Social Media Success

Set a Goal

Identify what you want to achieve from your social media activity

Make a Plan

Pull together a plan of how you will achieve this (types of post, regularity)

Write the copy

Flesh out your plan with text and any relevant images

Post to the Platform

Scheduling ahead is best if you don’t have the time to post every day

Interact with your Followers

Schedule some time each day to interact with your audience and reply to comments

Read more about the 5 Steps to Social Media Success or take a look at my Social Media Management rates.