The 6 Ingredients For The Perfect Post

There are 6 things that need to be in every social media post.

They are:

  • Headline
  • Hooks
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Formatted for social media
  • Visuals
  • Call To Action



The headline gives your audience a reason to focus and should create enough curiosity to keep them reading. Make sure it’s interesting or is something that will resonate with your audience and ideal client.



These can be treated like mini headlines to make information stand out. You can use several of them throughout your caption to keep your fans interested and encourage them to keep reading.


Emotional triggers

These triggers get people to comment or leave their opinion on your posts. If you think about what prompts you to comment on social media, it will be because you had an emotion triggered. Just make sure that the trigger is relevant to your audience.


Format for social media

People are easily distracted, so make sure it’s skimmable, and any key points are easily identifiable. If you’re reusing long-form content, don’t just copy and paste.



They need to stop the scroll and grab attention. Whether your visuals are all text or a combination of text and images, they must be simple and easy to read and understand.


Call To Action

Your Call To Action needs to be the final flourish on your post and tells your followers what they need to do next. Never presume that your fans know what you want them to do. Sign up, download or send you a DM? You need to be specific.



You can download a handy guide to these 6 elements that you can pin up on your office wall as a reminder.