When I tell someone that I’m a social media manager, they usually laugh and ask ‘So you sit all day looking at Facebook’?

It is a fact that a lot of the time I have Facebook open on my browser, but not always for ‘looking’.

Yes, some of my time is researching on Facebook.  And for some clients, I need to go into Creator Studio via Facebook to schedule their posts.

And I check insights for my Basic package clients to monitor how their posts are performing so I can tweak and improve their reach.

I reply to comments on my own social media page, reply to my messages and also monitor my own page insights. Monitoring and creating ads for myself and my clients. I post to my own Facebook and Instagram accounts via Creator Studio and hang out in groups for Facebook strategists and Social Media Managers, so yes, I do spend a lot of time on Facebook.

BUT a considerable amount of my client’s social media work is spent away from Facebook.

  • Researching topics for posts
  • Checking awareness days
  • Drafting a plan for the week/month
  • Reading client blogs for content
  • Writing copy (a lot of time is spent writing)
  • Creating graphics

All of this work is done away from Facebook and actually takes up a large portion of some days.

Facebook being open would be a massive distraction too, so if I don’t need it, I close it down.

Creativity for writing and design doesn’t need the distraction of Facebook throughout the day. Any messenger notifications come to my phone and will be dealt with between tasks depending on urgency.

So, actually, no I don’t spend all day looking on Facebook.

But as I move my business towards Facebook strategy and paid ads, the fact is that I will be around Facebook much more often – but rather than the social side I’m more likely to be knee-deep in Business Manager.

Not quite the same.

If you would like to have a chat about Facebook Ad Strategy, then I offer a 45-minute discovery call to find out if Facebook Ads are for you.