Have you ever arrived at a shop and changed your mind about going in because the shop looked unwelcoming, uncared for, or you weren’t even sure they were still open?

Is this what your social media profile/page looks like?

Is it neglected and uncared for?

What do people see when they look at your social media profile?

Do they see knowledge, information? Or a lack of knowledge and information?

What perception to potential customers have if they click into your profile?

Is your social media shopfront attractive and open for business, or neglected and out of date?

Are your posts actually reaching many followers organically anyway?

“Why bother?” you ask

Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes and pay yourself a visit.

If your pages and profiles are looking a bit neglected, a lack of time to post and source content is usually the main culprit.

A lack of planning and strategy often leads to an irregular posting schedule. If you are a sporadic poster, there is often a tendency to panic post – this leads to an imbalance in the content: selling ratio – a lack of knowledge and shared content and a tendency to sell. Ideally, you are looking at the 80/20 rule (80% content and 20% selling)

Too much selling can have the opposite effect and actually puts page followers off purchasing from you. Social Media users are savvy – they don’t go on social media to be sold to. Don’t forget that the point of social media is to be social – you wouldn’t just walk up to someone at a networking event and immediately ask them to buy from you (would you?).

By posting frequently you’ll also (hopefully) be interacting a lot more with followers and this should improve your organic post reach naturally. The more social you are, the more people will see your posts.

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