I had my a-ha! Moment listening to ‘Start With Why’ audiobook whilst driving down the M1 from Rotherham. My brand had been forming, evolving if you will, yet I knew I wasn’t quite there. The missing link came to me somewhere north of Tibshelf services. From that moment, I had my clarity and everything changed – including how I presented myself.

This got me thinking in a lot more detail about my own social media, and what I needed to do to ensure that my messages were translated well to potential clients. The clarity was just the first step. But once I was clear on where I was headed, my social media needed to have a subtle change to reflect this.

I took advice on my writing, I learnt a little more about basic design elements, I swotted up on social media in general and started to immerse myself in the things I needed to develop my business – the practical tips, potential future collaborations and surrounded myself with positive, like-minded people.

But mainly, I took away a few key questions to ask myself about how I present myself online, which also carry over really well to how I present my clients on social media, and how you can also present yourself well on social media too.

Frequency and quality

What are you posting, and how often?

What do people see of your offering, your service or product?

How often are they seeing it?

Are your posts relevant to your product or service?

Are you creating engagement?

Are you posting when your fans are online?

Recognising your brand

What do people see of your brand?

Are you seen to be an expert?

How are you portraying yourself – are you approachable, professional, friendly? You will need to be sure of your branding to keep this consistent.

Are you adding value?


What do people see of your expertise?

Are you sharing knowledge and expertise with potential clients?

Do they see you as a go-to person in your field?

Are you providing your own content and sharing interesting articles relevant to your field?

Being social

The one other crucial way to ensure that you’re seen in your best light on social media is to ensure that you are in fact social – the more social you are, the more your posts will be seen by others. Interact with your followers and ensure that you are also interacting with others. Most crucially, frequent posting will help your organic reach so make sure that you’re posting on a regular basis.

Once you’re happy with your overall social media plan – frequency and types of post –  then the key is to keep doing the same. Keep an eye on your insights to make any tweaks, experiment a little, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

If keeping up with social media is just ‘too much’, get in touch and let’s have a chat. You can find out a little more about my Social Media Management packages here.