Facebook Ads Services

If you’re serious about investing in Facebook Ads to take your business to the next level, then you will also value the investment of a strategist to maximise your budget.

You’ve put money and time into creating your products so driving prospects into your sales funnel makes total sense.

The power of Facebook Ads is unrivalled, and the ability to get your products or services delivered to the laps of your perfect client is priceless. But while Facebook bots will do most of the work, there’s still some human input needed to tweak copy, creatives and test audiences.

If you’re ready to level up your business but don’t want to waste time or money faffing around in Business Manager or Ad Manager, working with a strategist is the answer.

Working together, your product and funnel and my strategy and knowledge will maximise your results.

Facebook Ad results come from a commitment to investment – monthly ad spends below £300 (£10 per day) rarely bring results. Often business owners presume ads don’t work, when in fact they just haven’t invested enough to allow Facebook to work its magic.

I am only working with current social media management clients who are serious about their commitment to take their business to the next level.

My set up fees start at £495 and monthly fees are from £495 per month, depending on funnel complexity.

If you are serious about investing in your business and would like to set up a discovery call, or to find out more you can apply here.

(I’ll need to know some details about your budget and products before I confirm the call)

Set Up fee includes:

1 Hour consultation
Audience research
Ad strategy
Image creation
Ad copy
Uploading audiences
Uploading Ads
Pixel check

Monthly management includes:

1 hour strategy call
Current/past campaign assessment
Research and build audiences
Pixel monitoring
Audience testing
Ad testing
Campaign optimisation
Daily monitoring
Monthly or weekly summary (up to you!)
Ongoing review and email support.

Deborah has been handling our Facebook advertising for a number of weeks now. We have seen a noticeable increase in traffic to our business page and can trace at least one new booking to the advertising Deborah has put into place for us. With Deborah knowing the ins and outs of Facebook and how to get the best out of our marketing spend, it leaves me free to get on with other important work.

She is proactive, has some great ideas and is very easy to deal with. We’ll definitely be doing some more Facebook advertising with her.

Marian French

Peak District Holiday Cottage