I recently watched a webinar hosted by the marketer Luan Wise, called ‘How to Adapt Your Social Media Activity in Times of Uncertainty’.

The main takeaways from the webinar I have been sharing over the last few weeks in my social media posts.

Don’t panic

No-one planned for this, so it’s ok not to know what to do

Don’t stop marketing and posting on social media

Keep yourself visible


It might feel a bit awkward continuing as ‘business as usual’ during these uncertain times. Still, if you are operating as ‘business as usual’ (or even if you aren’t), then it’s best to tweak how you’re marketing yourself on social media. Even if you’re not in a position to continue business as usual, you can still interact and engage on social media and keep building those relationships………and your reputation. Empathise with your clients, and focus on the help that they need now – help and support that is of immediate use to them, even if they may not be in a position to buy at the moment. Everyone is feeling something at the moment, even if we aren’t all feeling the same thing. And tapping into what your potential clients are feeling is vital.


One aspect of your social media that you may want to tone down temporarily is the selling aspect. Of course, you’re still running a business, and you still need to attract new clients. But let’s be sensitive to feelings, to uncertainty and to building relationships that will extend beyond this crisis.

If you’re finding yourself with time on your hands as business has slowed or stopped, then there are a few activities you could carry out to spring clean your social media:


  • Update your profiles

  • Unfollow/Remove connections

  • Review Groups

  • Create or update your content resources

  • Research hashtags

  • Research Awareness Days

Understandably, you aren’t sure how to pitch our social media efforts at the moment, as these times are unprecedented. But one thing is for sure. You need to continue something on social media if you want to remain visible and be at the forefront of your clients’ minds now – and when they are ready to buy in the future.

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