Do you have a sales funnel?

Do you know what one is?

Your sales funnel is the journey someone takes from knowing nothing about your product through to purchase.

Every business has a sales funnel, and it can be very simple or very complicated.

Prospects go into the top of your sales funnel, and buyers will reach the bottom of the funnel. Along the way, people will drop out and the funnel narrows.

The AIDA model traces the customer journey –

  • Awareness – search, FB ad or post shared by a friend – unlikely to buy immediately
  • Interest – More FB posts, lead magnet – you establish expertise
  • Decision- content informs via an email sequence
  • Action – purchase/coupon

Sales Funnels can be much more complicated for businesses with lead magnets, email lists, tripwire products and high ticket items. There are many more places where potential customers can drop out and forget about your products.

Understanding your sales funnel is the first step towards maximising it.

Where are prospects falling out?

Where are the weak spots?

Could you do more to get more people through to the bottom of the funnel?

How are you getting prospects into the top of the funnel? Are there enough?

One of the ways to get prospects into your funnel is to offer a Lead Magnet or freebie.

This could be a pdf or masterclass that shows off your knowledge. Prospects give you their email address in exchange for a freebie, making them a lead you can follow up with further emails.

Having a useful and professional-looking lead magnet is going to put you in the best light possible, and I would highly recommend using Biz Template Babe. As well as templates for Lead Magnets there’s also templates for podcasts, email sequences, and social media.

They are straightforward to use, and you can switch them up with your own branding to look professional; each template comes with tutorials as well making it super easy to use.

I speak from experience too, as I created my own lead magnet last year……….

And don’t forget that Facebook Ads are a great way to retarget people who have visited a web page or Facebook business page with your offers and products.

If you want to check out my own Lead Magnet (because it is also packed with super-useful ideas for your social media posts), then you can find it here.