After putting the kettle on, I review my email inbox with Client C.

 There is one email from my client with two action points to be completed. As both tasks are quick email responses, I am able to complete this there and then – one email chasing two outstanding invoices on behalf of my client, and another email to confirm an appointment time. I send a third email to my client to confirm both tasks have been completed.

 As lunchtime draws close, it’s time to switch to social media.

I log into Canva and create some graphics for the social media testimonial posts for Client D. I already have branded templates set up, and I prepare different sized images for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  I also read over the articles I saved earlier on Feedly, decide that they are suitable, and add them to my social media plan for the client, After drafting the social media posts, I schedule them using Buffer across the three platforms and then also schedule the testimonial graphics from Canva.

 Time for lunch – some home-made vegetable soup – whilst sat at the breakfast bar overlooking the garden and listening to an audiobook (Rich Dad Poor Dad). After washing up the dishes, it’s back to the office.

 Another sweep of the inbox for client A and there is just one email, requesting some information that my client needs to provide – as this is something I am unable to assist with I forward that email to my client. There are two completed cases which require invoices to be raised, so these are completed on Excel documents and are emailed out to the customers and the details are logged on a spreadsheet.

 The last check of the day for Client B’s Project Manager inbox – there’s an email from a customer to confirm that they have made some edits to some copy on a Google document – our copywriter is advised in Asana that the edits have been made so she can review them.


End of the day review

 Then it’s the last check for my own inbox, a quick check on Facebook and Linkedin notifications and responding to comments, the to-do list is reviewed to make sure all tasks for today have been completed and tomorrows priorities are noted.

The laptop is shut down, plugs are off and the office closes somewhere between 2 and 3pm.


 I hope that this gives you some idea of the kinds of support that I provide for my clients on a daily basis. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and every day is different. If you’re getting bogged down with these types of tasks (or any other business tasks) get in touch for a no obligation chat about the business support I offer..