When people ask ‘What do you do?’ the answer ‘Business Support’ doesn’t always answer their question. What do I actually do, each and every day? How do I spend a typical day supporting businesses?

The laptop is fired up around 8am, and my chrome startup automatically brings up certain websites – I log into Lastpass (which securely remembers all of my passwords) and Todoist, which shows my to-do list for the day. Google calendar pops up, so I can see any fixed calls or meetings (a meeting at 9.30am with a client’s client and a Team Call at 10am). My first task is always to complete any priority tasks on my to-do list for my own business prior to starting client work at 8.30am.


The first task for Client A is to check their enquiries@ email inbox.

 There is an enquiry from a customer for my client to carry out a piece of work, which I deal with by producing an estimate for the work and giving a completion date – I manage my clients workload myself, with guidelines on how much work she can complete in any month I am able to secure work for her on a continual basis. A further email is confirming a piece of work for her, so I email her to advise her she should schedule this into her diary, email the customer to confirm we’ve received their confirmation email, and then create a folder within Dropbox. One of our suppliers has also sent in their invoice, so I check this off against their estimate, and file away in Dropbox.


After logging out of all my Client A programmes, I move on to Client B’s work.


This is a Project Management role, and I have my own inbox.

There are around 20 new emails which need to be prioritised, as I manage around 10 individual customer projects at any time for this client. The projects are tracked in Asana, and so this is updated continually throughout the day to ensure that the rest of the team are kept up to date on their tasks.

 At 9.30am I have a call scheduled with one of the customers to discuss the progress of the project, and he has some feedback on some worksheets that are being designed for him. Once the call is completed, I’m straight on to a Team Call on Zoom with the team of freelancers that put together the projects for my client – these calls are to go over our successes, and issues that crop up and ensure that the whole team are working together. After the call, the recording is stored in Google Drive so that my Client B can listen to it if required.

 I take 5 -10 minutes to check my own emails and then review recent content added to my Feedly – there are two articles that I think would be good for Client D to use on their social media feed, so I bookmark them to read later.

Time for a cuppa! – and a break………

(Part 2 to follow)

I hope that this gives you some idea of the kinds of support that I provide for my clients on a daily basis. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and every day is different.

If you’re getting bogged down with these types of tasks (or any other business tasks) get in touch for a no obligation chat about the business support I offer.