Social media posting shouldn’t be something you just do when you remember.

Your social media content should be planned, and that plan should be part of an overall marketing strategy that pulls together your different marketing avenues and strengthens them.

Using social media to successfully position yourself as an expert or go-to person in your field will ensure that potential clients think of you when they need the product or service you provide. Keep yourself at the forefront of their mind with frequent and relevant posts – consistency is the key.

A lot of clients ask me: How do I plan what to post?

These are the key steps I take every month with my own, and my client’s social media :

1/ Identify specific goals

Do I have a goal this month? Or a particular topic I want to cover? Is there an event I want to promote or a particular message I want to get across? What do I want to promote? (remember the 80:20 ratio of content to selling)

2/ Research & plan

Incorporating any goals from 1/ and any awareness days for the month along with any relevant hashtags, as well as general hashtags for use on Twitter and Instagram (and lesser extent on Facebook) into a daily plan of content. Remember to include shares of any relevant articles you may have read, quotes or sayings that resonate with your audience, and plenty of content to share your expertise with your fans.

3/ Write the posts

Flesh out the full post content from the plan, using your research from 2/, source images to use and create graphics if appropriate. Remember that your posts need to be informative and include a Call To Action most of the time.

4/ Schedule

It is much more time-effective to bulk post if you can. I use a scheduling tool to post ahead of time for all of my clients, and directly into Facebook using their own scheduling system. There is a great satisfaction (and reassurance) to knowing that you’ve got a few weeks of posts sorted!

5/ Be social

Once you’ve got those daily posts sorted, you can add in some Facebook Lives or ad-hoc posts to keep your content lively and interesting. and make sure your fans can see what you’ve been up to. Make sure that you interact with your fans too, and ensure that any comments on posts are monitored and replied to if necessary. Regular posting will increase your organic post reach, and interacting with others will also help that. Tagging other people (only if relevant though) is also a great way to increase your post reach!

If you’re looking for some support with any aspect of your social media management, take a look at my Social Media Management packages.