focus • action • growth

Providing Time to Focus

Putting Plans into Action

Promoting Growth

Operational Support

Ongoing support in running your business, including process management, operational management, invoicing, credit control and client support.

Project Support

Support for one-off projects and tasks, including research, data entry, social media scheduling and process reviews.

General Business Support

General administrative support including invoicing, credit control and CRMs.

My name is Deborah Hoult and I enable entrepreneurs and business owners like you to focus on what really matters by providing the support needed to :

  • Put your plans into action
  • Achieve your Business Goals
  • Grow your business

As a lone entrepreneur, you aren’t surrounded by a team to bounce ideas with, an Office Manager to oversee operations or a right-hand person who just ‘gets’ you. I understand that this isn’t an option for most entrepreneurs, yet the benefits of these ‘perks’ for larger companies is still achievable for entrepreneurs by using virtual business support. As it is almost impossible to list all my skills that could benefit your business, it would be a great idea if we had a chat either over the phone/Zoom or in person if you live local to Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire/S Yorkshire. I offer a free one-hour complimentary consultation to find out whether I could be a good fit for your business. Get in touch here.


Deb is my secret weapon. She’s professional, thorough, works tirelessly and very committed. She’s involved in so many different areas with our business and always has her finger on the pulse. She’s great at managing people, engaging both internally with the team and externally with clients.

Kavit Haria

Founder/Director, Insider Internet Success




Deborah is amazing! she has helped me by managing various projects that are always on my ‘to-do but never get done list’. The level of her work is exceptional – Deborah is a very talented lady. I highly recommend getting down your to-do list with Deborah!!

Dawn Spendlove

Founder/Director, Love Marketing




I have been working with Deborah since May 2018 – we set an ambitious target to manage my social media posts for 6 months. I am really pleased to report that the project has progressed really well, with only a couple of months left to go.

I am delighted with the support that Deborah has provided – her attention to detail, organisation and “client-management” skills are superb. The peace of mind that I have had through knowing the Deborah has everything in hand has been incredibly valuable. The icing on the cake is that the challenge of setting up daily social media posts on a rolling 2 week programme has been fully met. Two huge big ticks in boxes!

I have no hesitation in recommending Aqua Business Support if you are looking for spot on management, consistency and peace of mind.

Suzanne Smith

Health Kinesiologist & Fatigue Specialist, Reconnecting You




Deborah is a very experienced and committed case manager. She is very efficient in her work and has a good method in place to make sure that referrals and administrative procedures run smoothly and are complete by deadlines. She is extremely professionals in her approach with clients and the professionals we work with. She can be direct, sensitive and flexible according to needs and she is a valued member of our group. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Dr Sonia Borghino, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Director & Consultant Psychologist, Engi Psychology




I have been using Deborah’s business support service for twelve months now. The service has provided excellent support by providing word processing and preparation of report templates. This has freed valuable time for me to invest in report writing and analysis rather than routine tasks.

The service offered by Aqua Business Support has always been timely, flexible and responsive to my needs and has been of the highest quality.

Mechthild Jenkins

Consultant and Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Jenkins Psychology Consultancy Ltd



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